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Begin Like a Woman, and Quit Like a Woman

The first full week of 2022 is complete! And I must say, I am feeling great starting the year off right. My paper planner is filled with over 50 checked boxes and it brings a sense of accomplishment. Here are the resources and insights used and gained from the week.

Physical Strength

After taking a three month break from basically any workout, this week was a bit of a rough start. I ran outside for the first time in months and not only were my lungs on fire, but my legs were sore! And that isn't something I experience much after a two mile run. It was definitely time to get back in the work out routine, and I'm excited to continue to grow.

This training plan has a gradual build and realistic expectations, starting off with runs and bikes anywhere from 17 to 30 minutes. Last year I utilized this plan to train for my triathlon, and am coming back to it this year! Considering my triathlon is 25 weeks out, I am currently following Week 1.

Although 45 minutes, I find that this work out goes by quick each time. I have two 20 pound dumbbells that I use for this workout, and have to modify a couple of exercises but overall love this set. I typically burn anywhere from 280 to 350 calories during this work out!


I am slightly embarrassed to confess that I spend a decent amount of time on TikTok. BUT what I love about it is the ease of access to the variety of easy, quick recipes. This week I tried the viral Green Goddess salad from Baked By Melissa, and was not disappointed. Here was my meal plan for the weekdays:

Mental Strength: Quit Like a Woman

The thing I love most about the two books I have read about sobriety is that it always brings me back to the one point about alcohol I have a hard time comprehending, which is that alcohol is LITERAL POISON. Society has normalized alcohol so much to the point that when someone chooses to not drink they are often scrutinized and asked "why?", where in reality we should be asking people why they drink.

Now trust me - I have a historic past of being the fun, wild one of the group (probably why I connect with Holly so much). Holly Whitaker starts the first couple of chapters discussing her own personal experience, enjoying drinking for the social events and anxiety relief. But she also takes a focus on the marketing schemes alcohol and cigarette companies play off of: capitalism and money, money, money. Scientific proof exemplifies that alcohol causes health issues and even death, but yet society continues to glorify this fun "poison". I'm not sure if I will stop drinking completely after this month, but if anything, these books are amazing for awareness.

Spirituality: 21 Days of Abundance

Although early in the meditation challenge, I have already felt a difference and a shift in mind set than I have experienced in the past while doing this challenge. The second meditation prompts the idea to think, what do I want to create an abundance of. Previously I have thought about things like money, success, happiness - ideas that I think to be more selfish. As I was meditating on Tuesday, I realized I wanted an abundance of influence; the ability to influence others to make choices to better themselves. The more I practice bettering myself, the better the opportunity I will have to help others.

And to end the week, we had Christmas at my mom's. The Abundance Meditation has helped remind me each day to not take advantage of what is already in front of us. My health is good, I have access to family, friends, food, and shelter. Anything that I want to create or envision, I have the resources available. This mindset has helped me stay more present and not so focused on the comparison of life and those around me. With my family this weekend I made an effort to put my phone down and fully enjoy my time with everyone. It was a great ending to the first week of the year.

More to come this week, and much more to learn. Follow along during my journey for more tips, recipes, and insight!


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