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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

If you have navigated to this site, thank you and congratulations. Unless you know me personally, you may be looking for a resource to help with healthy lifestyles - and that's awesome! I became actively aware of my fitness and health in 2016 when I realized that I was not pleased with where I was at. I was drinking a few nights a week, diet had taken a back burner to my social and career priorities, and I had gained more weight than I was happy with. Being just one year out of college at the time, I had a lot of adjustments to make - I soon found out that routine would become more important than ever. 


Realizing that I was not where I wanted to be, I said "yes" to my first ever half marathon, and my new awareness was born. I realized that my body was capable of pushing it harder than I had tried before. Since then, I have completed a Tough Mudder, Sprint Triathlon, Olympic Triathlon, and experimented with a variety of diets including Whole30, adjusting to macros, and vegetarianism. I have put a focus on both my physical and mental health, committing to reading and listening to podcasts of all varieties. All of this has opened my eyes to the importance of what we consume and how we treat our mind and body, and I want to share it with the world.

The purpose of this page is to create awareness around healthy eating habits, exercising, and the total possibility of it all. I want YOU to feel motivated about your own health. Find some resources and create a plan of your own that will work for you. Do it for yourself - it matters most when your motivation is you!

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