Hey! So Glad You're Here.

First off, thank you SO MUCH for being here and checking out my website. I became actively aware of my fitness about four years ago when I realized that I was not pleased with where I was at. I was not where I wanted to be so I clicked yes to my first ever half marathon, and hence a new awareness was born. 

This began in 2016. Since then, I have taken a focus on my eating habits and consistency with exercise. I completed a Tough Mudder, Sprint Triathlon, and am signing up for another Mudder and Olympic Triathlon this year. But events do not matter - this is just what motivated me to strive for more. What is most important is your awareness of your health.

The purpose of this page is to create awareness around healthy eating habits, exercising, and the total possibility of it all. I want YOU to feel motivated about your own health. Create a plan of your own that will work for you, and do it for yourself. It matters most when it motivates you!