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"Today, I remember to be grateful."

Is this month flying by fast or what?! From powerful yoga and breathing classes with GetOutBeFit, to new granola recipes and gratefulness practice, a lot to unpack this week. Let's dive right into the good stuff.

Physical Strength

Continuing into week three of the year, Minnesota has dumped some annual negative degree temperatures and wind-chill advisories on us. Therefore, I was only able to get outside once for a run. But I hit up the gym on Sunday and got my first, stationary bike in of the year! My legs were crushing it, but my bum was definitely not used to the seat. Let's just say I have a lot of work to do before the triathlon in June.

Luckily with GetOutBeFit's PowerUp program, I am forcing myself into the habit of yoga. Although stiff in many areas, I can already feel my body becoming more flexible after two weeks of practice. The third practice this week focused on the throat chakra; if you are unfamiliar with different breathing work, it is worth looking into! Although it seems strange, sticking your tongue out and breathing heavy through your throat releases so much tension and energy, especially in the privacy of your own home. After the three weeks is over, I plan to, continue practicing yoga at least a couple of times per week.

I must admit, there are definitely some trainers and YouTube videos out there that I will not use for the reason that I am unable to stand his/her energy or voice. There are a few things that I love about this work out, and the first is that is Sydney's attitude and goofiness make this work out fun and watchable. The second reason is this keeps you moving but at a manageable pace - I have come back to this one many times.


Another great couple of recipes to follow from the PowerUp program, but one of my favorites this week was a "kaleola"recipe - kale granola. Sound weird? I thought so too. But it had just the right ingredients and made for an amazingly tasty, healthy snack.

Mental Strength: Quit Like a Woman

Quit Like a Woman is a book that provides insight and discussion based on the authors experience with alcohol and drug use. Holly Whitaker walks through the steps and her process of becoming alcohol free, and the new habits she picked up to help overcome that use. Many times in my early adult life (a.k.a. now) I have committed to not drinking for a month, or for certain events, and when I end up drinking regardless I feel like I have failed. I beat myself up internally thinking I lack discipline and go to the question of, "Am I an alcoholic?". The process is not fun and sometimes puts me in a low of emotions. These lows though, tend to be my motivations - the reason I pick up another book about sober lifestyles.

In this part of the book, Holly discusses the difference between commitment and discipline, and how lack of commitment does not equal failure. Let me repeat that: lack of commitment does not equal failure. Discipline is the act of following obedience by self or outward control, where commitment is is at one's will. Saying "I am not disciplined" often has a different tone from saying "I am non-committal"; commitment gives more grace and understanding. I know I am disciplined - I train for races, I meal prep and cook healthy foods, I pick up new hobbies, etc. Therefore, committing and practicing willpower is where my opportunity is. And just again for those in the back - lack of commitment does not equal failure.

The brain is an incredible muscle, but it does have its limits! The less time you spend on making decisions, the more power your brain has for other important activities and decisions. Make a schedule and stick to it; lay out your clothes the night before; meal prep for the week; all of these habits will help your will power when committing to not drinking - and when the time comes to say no to a drink, your mind and body will thank you then!

Spirituality: 21 Days of Abundance

The last week of Deepak Chopra's meditation guide focuses the messaging around forgiveness and gratitude. Moving into week three of the year, I felt some of my habits beginning to slip. In these moments, it is so easy to beat oneself up and circle back to the feeling of failure, and that is why forgiveness is so important. Life is a continuous work in progress - every day presents new moments to learn from. If one day doesn't go as planned, reflection, forgiveness, and refocusing will help realign the mind. If you're feeling less motivated or unhappy, make a list of the things your are grateful for. If you feel like you have failed or let others down lately, create a list of forgiveness statements for yourself. And always try to remind yourself, "Today, I remember to be grateful."


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