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This Year is for More Than Just Habits

Back in my college days I was taught the common saying, "21 days to form a habit", and it is something I firmly believe in to this day. But the 21/90 rule suggests that after those first 21 days, when you continue the habit for 90 days it becomes an actual lifestyle change. This year, forming the habits will not be enough - I am targeting those lifestyle changes.

The week of Christmas I created a vision board with general themes that I am focused on for the year, and as the year progresses I will evaluate and adjust my specific goals. My themes are in the following categories:

  • Physical strength and mobility

  • Nutrition and ingredient awareness

  • Staying mentally stimulated with books and podcasts

  • Focusing on spirituality and being present

  • Staying connected with friends and family

Each of these goals has a bigger motivation behind it. 2021 demonstrated the importance of a healthy lifestyle to me in a variety of ways, both physically and mentally. Without proper nutrition, mental strengthening, and physical activity, the body and mind can deteriorate and fail us. My focus on health and nutrition is finally less about looks, and more about longevity and quality of life.

The people you surround yourself with are a key factor when working through difficult times or problems, and sometimes those relationships are put on the back burner because of everything else in life. Unfortunately, people might not be there tomorrow, and one regret that I have after experiencing loss is the amount of time I didn't spend with those people. Time is irreplaceable, and continuing to focus on happiness and gratefulness today with the people who matter most is nothing short of time well spent.

For the month of January, I have created weekly goals that are based around these themes.

  • I will work out on average 4 days a week. My first race for the year will be June 26th (Olympic Triathlon). The training program I am utilizing is 12 weeks - therefore I will repeat each week twice leading me right to one week before the race. I will also stretch for 15 minutes a day (my desk job is a pain in the back!)

  • For nutrition awareness I will track my meals each day. I am focused on cooking with whole foods, meal prep, and avoiding processed ingredients as much as possible.

  • I will focus on spirituality by practicing meditation. My sister introduced me to the 21 Day Deepak Chopra Meditation Challenge two years ago, and I am so excited to be completing it again!

  • Read for at least 20 minutes each day, and finish at least one book before the end of the month. I am currently reading Quit Like a Woman by Holly Whitaker because you know - dry January!

  • I am committed to calling one friend or family member every other week. To many this might not seem like a lot. But if you know me you know how much of an introvert I can be, so without a goal I tend to ghost people for weeks.

Each week I will create a blog post that includes the recipes, workouts, and resources I am using. I hope you follow along and find a thing or two to try for yourself. Even if you don't check in every week, there will always be something new to look at. So sit down, write up your goals, create that vision board, and let's tackle this year together!


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