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Whole30 x 2, Wholly Living

Twas the day after New Years, and my body was riding the hangover struggle bus. I knew my Whole30 two month streak was right around the corner, so why not go all out right? The next day involved nothing but carbs, pizza, and more alcohol to continue with the gluttony. Well, with bad choices comes bad outcomes and I fell into a streak of grogginess, laziness, and being irritable. Who wants to be around that?!

Why share this story? Because being mindful of health takes effort, discipline, and commitment. I would be lying if I said it came over night. Committing to the Whole30 was four years in the making for me! I committed to the Whole30 in September and lasted about 26 days. I felt AMAZING the last two weeks of it and afterwards I committed to a cleaner diet. Well. Then came Thanksgiving. And Christmas. And New Years. And here we are today back at square one.

Throughout my health journey I have been far from perfect and this website is to invite those of you who who have been not so perfect yourself. I love cooking, I don't mind working out, and have the largest soft spot for bread and cheese. My point? It's all about balance. It's about being aware. It's about eating the donut when you want to, but also getting yourself off the couch when you don't want to.

The next 60 days are going to be the toughest of my journey yet. I am committed to maintaining Whole30 for 60 days, while working out five days a week. The next 60 days will involve being around groups of friends with drinks in their hands, while I sip on my juice and water. Waking up at 6 am to make it to the gym. Maintaining a stocked fridge so I don't have the excuse to fall into the carb and sugar trap. But it will also involve more confidence. A focused mind. Abolishing that morning, groggy feeling. Clear skin. Less pain. The list goes on and on!

For the first two months of my site, I will be sharing my food and fitness thoughts for all of you curious to know (recipes and food moods galore!) Following will be my personal fitness schedules based around the triathlon and Tough Mudder I plan on doing. If you have ever been influenced by someone regarding your health, I would LOVE to hear. It's all about awareness and the more you know, the easier it is!


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