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Whole30 - Defying the control of food and alcohol

Let's talk about two things this week. Food and alcohol.

Whole30 mentions the control food has on our lives. The smallest smell of garlic bread has my mouth watering, but during the Whole30 I choose to not eat it. It seems so simple, but when there isn't a goal set it's so simple to do the opposite. Oh I'll just balance that burger from lunch out with a salad for dinner, but when dinner rolls around maybe the quickest and most appealing thing is that pizza in the freezer. Top that off with some Halo ice cream for dessert, and all food awareness is diminished.

Now this isn't a common evening for me but it could easily be a weekend. I do well during the week with meal prep and healthy choices, but Friday morning rolls around and I just think, "the weekend doesn't count". But if it's one thing I have becoming conscious of the last few weeks, is the amount of time and energy I have on the weekend by making healthy choices. These are the days I should be feeling my best and thriving! Not hungover, feeling like shit from the half of pizza I ate the night before.

Thinking about the week analytically, I'm being health conscious just under 60% of the time. If you received 60% on an exam, would you be pleased? I know I wouldn't be. If I'm not treating my body well 40% of the time, how is that impacting the effort of the first portion of the week, or my life in general?

If you have read the last few posts about my journey, I have mentioned alcohol multiple times as well. I'm not one to drink during the week because again, that's my "healthy time". But in comes the weekend and out goes the money for booze. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like it's something I can handle most of the time either. Waking up feeling regretful, wondering if I said something stupid, not knowing who to apologize to. I often think to myself, when will the time come to stop.

While on Whole30 I am forced to have a good time in social situations without the need for drinking, otherwise I have to miss it all together. You guys - I even self talk before the event. It's not easy, and in fact I almost caved this last weekend. Just one shot won't change anything, right? But that's not right. It all comes down to the will power of self control.

This lifestyle isn't for everyone, and I'm not saying it should be! I'm also not saying it's forever for me. What this two month journey is, though, is taking control of my habits. It is is about taking control of the cravings and the feelings that I "need" something to satisfy myself or feel good. It's resetting and getting myself in the right mindset. And let me tell you - its week three and I'm feeling damn good about it all.

For more about my Whole60 journey, check out my blog!


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