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Whole30 Days 7-14

This week was pretty tough, I'm not going to lie. I was tired, felt weak regarding working out, and didn't have that full energy you experience after the two week mark. In fact... I worked out once this week - I know I'm ashamed! But here's the great thing about anything; you can get better. That's it. It's that simple.

Overall, the weakness came from my body adjusting to burning the fats and healthy carbs/sugars, versus the wheats and grains of the world. My first week of Whole30 I typically feel like I'm coming down with a slight cold. The second week I feel weak and a little discouraged. When will the energy break through? When will I stop being bloated? I was the sober one in a crowd of 13 turnt people, did I really need to miss out?

Although it was only a day or two, I did get a glimpse of the energy. Over the weekend I didn't want to sit still and felt like I constantly needed to be doing something. I wasn't tired and felt antsy so I was finding ways to burn my energy. And then Monday at the gym I felt like I could take on the world.

The process has its ups and downs and I am right on the verge of the 100% up. The food cravings are definitely there, but I know that my journey has a finite end. With that in mind I take it day by day, and savor the flavors of the fresh foods that I am choosing to incorporate into my daily life.

What I discovered, or rediscovered, this week:

  • Whole30 BBQ Sauce by Primal Kitchen

  • Grapes!

  • Snap Peas (yes, they are compliant)

  • Curry seasoning and coconut milk - yum!

I'm ready for week number three!



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