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First Weekend of Whole30

Weekends tend to be the toughest part of Whole30. Meal prepping for the week is simple and easy to follow. But the weekend comes around including social events and boom! Chips, dip, queso, pizza, White Claw, puppy chow. And now I'm feeling envious of all those around me while I munch on my carrot stick.

Saturday I was definitely feeling tired, wanting nothing more than to sleep all day. We had one last Christmas at my boyfriend's moms house, and guess what guys? She made a Whole30 compliant meal and it was amazing! I went over to my friends place afterwards, and these are friends I usually have one too many drinks with. Well, I woke up on Sunday with no hangover ready to take on the day. That morning I meal prepped and got ready for The Wild hockey game.

Now this was a big awakening. I was blown away by the fact that I could not eat a single thing that was offered at the concession stands. I get that walking tacos, pizza, and giant pretzels are AMAZING, but there needs to be a shift in to what is offered in mass quantities at events. Either way, I had the opportunity to make myself some salmon, salad, and sweet potato when I got home and was highly satisfied. Overall it was a win. Well, not for the Wild unfortunately.

Although it is still not easy now, I know it will get better. Here are just some immediate takeaways from my eventful weekend:

  • No hangovers

  • I have support from others

  • Consciousness of food intake

  • Less groggy than Day 5

Now onto Week 2.

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